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Donny, Don, and Josh didn't just set out to create a new liver detox and recovery shot. They wanted to create a product that used new science techniques and worked better than anything available on the market. This led them to the Appalachian Mountains where they met a world famous ginseng farmer. After learning about the healing properties of ginseng berries, they got to work creating the worlds first recovery shot that utilizes the power of ginseng berries. All of this was made possible after partnering up with Dr. Aihua Liu.

Meet the team!

While it’s taken us over a 1 year to hone our formula, 3AM Rebound is just getting started.
Dr. Aihua Liu
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Liu holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy, an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and a B.S. in Pharmacy. She has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Donny Harding
Chief Executive Officer

Donny has built a 7 figure eCommerce clothing store. He loves marketing and interacting with customers. He brings energy and a sense of humor to the team.

Josh Best
Chief Financial Officer

Josh has his masters in accounting. He loves to have fun and brings a great spirit to the team. He has grown a 7 figure clothing eCommerce store.

Don Harding
Chief Product Officer

Don is a person that puts his nose to the ground and gets the job done. He's built one of the most well-known and respectable Home Inspection companies in Utah. He brings great optimize to the team.


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